Press Release
‘New Release’

It’s been a long time coming, around a decade to be exact, but this release will roll back the years for those who have waited around and open up a whole new Pandora’s box of rockin’ to a brand new generation of fans. ADVENTURE is just what we have come to expect from the Long Tall Texans, the unexpected, but with the ever-present quality ingredients that make this band so unique.

The title track is a hard rocking opener, thundering back beat, effects driven guitar and dark lyrics that even Marc Carew will have a problem smiling along to. It’s a wake up call to the fans of old and a rallying shout to those new ears, ‘Adventure, We’re Coming Back For More’ is the message, then whammo….

The double bass pulsates, belting out jumping rhythms, the sing along vocals, twanging and slide guitar backed up by a beat that must have had Theo bouncing out of his drum stool, you can see those smiles, you’re on your way, and the pace never lets up, you get every Texans party trick you’ve come to expect and a few more besides with the sort of songs that after one listen the lyrics are stuck in your head. You don’t even know them yet but you’re singing along anyway, get the picture? Yeah!

Twelve cracking tracks, ten originals, all 100% proof and all sure to get everyone on their feet and stomping and certain to join the countless other all time Long Tall Texans live favourites by the end of the year. So long crowd pleasers and bill toppers of the Psychobilly scene but this is a band that are that but so much more besides. This album will reassert their place among the top bands in that genre even thought they never lost it, but should, with any justice be the one that sees their brand of rockin’ get right out there where it so deserves to be as this is their best work ever, and that is praise indeed.

File under High Addictive and Essential Rock N Roll.

Simon Nott
Big Cheese Magazine